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At Abbey International we take a people-first approach. We are committed to working with business owners and managers to create made-to-measure financial solutions. We are self funded and so our investment committee has the freedom to make investment decisions quickly and efficiently.

Our Mission

Make responsible investments that create value which will be used to make a positive global impact through charitable causes for generations to come.

Our History

Created 30 years ago in 1990, Abbey International was set up to be a force for good in the world. Abbey began as part of the FBD Holdings Group until 2004, when FBD disposed of its interests. Since then, Abbey has become a privately held company with Net Assets of over $150 million. Over the past 30 years, Abbey has distributed over $50 million to various charities at home in Ireland and abroad as we believe in leaving a legacy for future generations.

Find out more about the people who keep Abbey International’s mission at the heart of everything they do.

Our Values


Innovation is an integral part of our driving our mission forward to help businesses with all of their financial needs.

Social Responsibility

A positive impact means managing risk now to ensure stability for generations to come and is a key part of our social responsibility plan.


Abbey International’s core values are built on respect between us and our clients.


At Abbey, we pride ourselves on the honest and strong principles that we have with every client.

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